Friday, June 4, 2010

Time is zipping right past me.

So the next couple of days/weeks are going to be crazy.
Sunday MASON turns 2!!!!!
Holy cow where did time go!! Seriously. I officially have a toddler.
He is wild most of the time. There is nothing he doesn't say or copy-cat.
He is still taking a nice 2 hour long nap every day from 1:30- 3:30.
He goes to bed at 8:30 and we dont hear a peep from him till 7 or so.
He loves to play outside and with Dooly ((the dog)).
Every time one of AJ's friends comes by he will make a fist and tell them to pound it. He will punch their fist with his. Haha.
He is super polite, always saying please and thank you and yelling bless you to everyone.
He has also hit his 'typical 2's'.
We say don't touch that and he touches it.
We say let me have that and he turns and runs and throws it as fast as he can.
He is always wanting to help and do everything him self.
He is learning more and more every day.

We are having family over on Sunday night for his birthday, should be fun.
Here are his 2 year old pictures...
The car is a gift from AJ's Dad and Step mom.

We will be busy the next couple of days with weddings and birthdays so
I figured I'd better get a post in before i procrastinate some more and
it never gets done. ;)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beach in Winter?!

I dont know about you guys,
but... every time i feel that warm sun start to come out,
I want to book it to the beach!
And thats just what we did.
Mason has only been Twice and we only live less then 30 min away.
He had the best time ever.
AJ's cousin Nicki came with us.
The weather was so nice we didnt need sweatchirts and we got to play in the water!!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Big One!

Alright, I realize i am really terrible at keeping up on this whole blog thing..
So i am going to try and catch you up in one post. :)
I'm going to jump all over the place soooo hold on!
New Years Eve.

I think this nye was the first one where we had absolutely no plans.
We ended up going to AJs' aunt Melanie's house up the road.
They were having a get together with friends and family, so we just joined right in.
Mason was a trooper. I half expected him to be passed out by 9 but he stayed up till 11
and was up bright and early at 6. So nice of him huh?
How do you teach you kid that sleep is good.. and sleeping in, in the morning.. is soooo much better lol.
((Mason, Melanie, AJ))
Mason with his Grandma Cheryl.
Alright. On to christmas.
Like last year and the year before, we were extememly busy.
Bouncing around to 5 different places in 2 days.
It's a good thing christmas only happens once a year.

Mason and AJ playing with his new truck Christmas morning.
The necklace AJ bought me. :) Diamonds...
Here is us setting up the christmas tree.
We had to put everything valuable up top and all the plastic down below..
but Mason still managed to get most of it off and spread all over my house.

These are the most recent:
Mason is talking up a storm, it really is crazy how fast he is learning!!

He is still such a bath boy. It is his favorite time of the day.
He loves it more when dad gives him a bath with bubbles. :)

All dressed up with no where to go.
Such a stud.

We have been having storm after storm hit us this last week.
I think we are on storm number 5 or 6...
and we arent done yet.
I think they said we will see a little sun this weekend but then
back to the rain.
We have had flash flood warnings, hail, and tornado warnings.
It has been pretty crazy, but i am ready for some Sun Shine.
((I know this probably seems like no biggie to you Missourians.. but to us, this is big. lol))

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ok i know I have been a terrible blogger...
But then i look down my list of bloggers.. and no one is blogging!
What up with that!!

Anyways. Things have been good.
Thanksgiving was crazy as usual.
I think we had a total of 5 thanksgiving dinners.
Not too much ha happened since then..
We got a new boat..
Well not new but new for us.
its an 1989 18' Celebrity.
I can't wait for summer to get here so we can go play in the water!
It has been freezing here! We actually got some snow around the bay area today
and it isnt going to warm up any time soon. :(

Mason is a year and a half today and I take him to the dr
tomorrow for his well check. He is such a smarty pants.
We have so much fun with him.
He just loves his dog.

Jess and Tommy's baby is due any time now.
She has been at the hospital since last night.
So i am going to have my first Nephew today!!

Anyways, thats about all the news i have.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

15 Months.

My Little man is getting bigger.
He had a dr. apt. yesterday.
32 inches tall (90th %)
25lbs (50th %)
48cm head (75th %)
He is getting so big.
And it is all happening so fast!!
I just cant believe it.
Love♥♥♥you baby boy!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Baby Baby

For all you wondering how Jess is doing
Here she is!!
She is 24 weeks along, and it is...
she is such a cute pregnant girl.
I dont ever remember being cute while pregnant.
probably because i wasn't ha ha ha.

We have been busy!!

My little mason is already 14 months.
Crazy I know.
He is a wild child.
i sware if i were to let him
he could tear apart the entire house in a matter of seconds.
He is getting more teeth this week. He had 8.
4 on top and 4 on bottom
but now he has 4 new molars and 2 new eye teeth.
He is such a smarty pants.
after i change his diaper i can tell him to go put it in the trash and he will go do it.
so now i can tell him to put anything in the trash and he will listen.
He lets dooly out of his kennel all the time.
he knows where his knees, toes, eyes, ears, nose, lips, belly and teeth are.
he climbs to the top of everything.
he runs fast all over the house,
waiting for someone to chase him.
He tries really hard to repeat everything everyone is saying.
he waves at complete strangers.
Loves to play with his trucks..
knows a ton of animal sounds.
I'm pretty sure if he had it his way he would eat hamburgers every day.
He is just a ball of energy.

Bath time is still he most favorite.

Anyways. We had a bunch of family in town last week.
Megan and JD and My uncle Mark and his family.
Monday night we went to the boardwalk in santa cruz.
When we got there it was 82 at 5 pm.
all i have to say about that is AMAZING.
Mason had the best time ever playing in the ocean for the first time.
He cried when we took him out.

Tuesday we went to the Aquarium.
It was sooo crowded so we didnt last long but it was still pretty cool.
It was fun to watch mason getting so excited about the fish.
After the aquarium we went to lovers point, had a picnic and then played in the ocean some more.